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The URL redirect function will navigate guests to the app store specific to their device as soon as they click on the advertisement/call-to-action button. Also, being a network administrator, you will configure data limit, duration, add an expiration date and quota limit. The Classic Hotspot platform also allows you to monitor your vouchers, remaining time, SSID connected to, amount of devices connected, and MAC address.

Our identity management and data validity tools create a dynamic network of data, ensuring all guests are signing in with authentic information to access your guest network. Our data authentication and global blacklists eliminate worthless data in your CRM to create more effective marketing campaigns with higher ROI. From social media apps to online shopping, WiFi marketing makes it easy to direct customers to these new platforms.

WiFi Marketing

Drop-in your latest Instagram post, show off your brand new menu or just redirect them to leave a review on TripAdvisor. Depending on their login method, your guests can be prompted to follow your social pages.

They can also be easily integrated with other business and data analysis applications. This allows you to test your campaign messaging over time and optimize your campaigns to their fullest potential. Even if customers do not log into your WiFi, the system will know that a unique device is in range of your WiFi access point.

Why Local Businesses Need WiFi Marketing

In this guide, you’ll learn about how to select your wireless access points and design your guest WiFi experience. WiFi Marketing is a customer acquisition channel for restaurants, coffee shops, bars and lounge areas in hotels, building lobbies and airports. The cost of WiFi marketing software varies greatly depending on the features it includes. Many providers offer basic subscription plans for as low as $30 per month, but more comprehensive packages can range from around $50-$150 per month. Some companies also offer one-time payments for annual subscriptions that cost between $500 and $2,500. Depending on the number of features you require, a customized plan may be much higher than the standard subscription prices mentioned above.

Customer data platform (CDP) for brick and mortars

As technology continues to advance, businesses are constantly looking for ways to increase their social presence and create and maintain customer relationships and engagements. Recently, a privately held company has given businesses the opportunity to do this with the creation of Wavespot. They might even take a moment to post about their great experience on social media, essentially providing free advertising for your business to their followers. If, however, the venue offered free wifi to these visitors, they would undoubtedly provide their contact information in return for a consistent wireless connection. As businesses across industries have adopted wifi marketing into their day-to-day operations, it has been our pleasure to work with our clients to create new and exciting innovations across the industry. Have you ever visited an airport, cafe, or even travelled on a train and had to login to use the free WiFi using your email address?

What is wifi marketing?

Read on to learn more about wifi marketing for business growth and three wifi marketing solutions that you can’t beat. Retail WiFi marketing is when a retailer provides free WiFi access to shoppers and then uses the mobile WiFi connection to communicate messages, promote their products, and build brand loyalty. Read more about Capture email on WiFi here. WiFi Marketing is an easy way to connect your traditional storefront customer experience with your digital channels like social media, your website and your digital store. And for their part, your customers will enjoy a great customer experience that’s convenient and offers them everything they’re looking for from your brand. Our Social WiFi service analyzes and discovers your core demographics, automatically compiling a wide array of essential data and reports. Customers login one time with a phone number or social media account and the data behind your most frequent and active customers is suddenly at your immediate disposal.

Indeed, 21% of consumers access free WiFi in-store (according to a study by Ruckus). When your customers log in to your free customer WiFi, you can control what landing pages they see, what offers they view, and what they redeem. With this information, you can track the effectiveness of campaigns before you promote them to your social media following and other mass audiences. Customers expect a pretty good value exchange for giving up personal information.