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Sofa Care Guide How to Clean & Maintain Sofa Fabrics

She recommends letting the couch speak for itself with two oversized lumbar pillows. A petite loveseat is often the best choice for smaller spaces like apartments or cottages; it provides space to lounge, but won’t eat up your floor plan. Given its size, this couch type doesn’t need heavy styling. A few statement pieces go a long way, says Harther Goerzen, the lead designer at Havenly. From loveseats and sectionals to modulars, here’s how to use pillows, throws, and other furniture to accentuate the best features of each couch type. I’m sure you’ve noticed that we changed the arm design last minute. At first, we were going to have cushions going up on an angle similar to the District Millhouse’s Hourglass Couch but eventually decided that squaring off the arms would be more comfortable.

Instead, consider layering three striped lumbar pillows (which are short!) for visual interest; ground the look with a complementary rug, says Goerzen. “Finished with tonal velvet accent chairs and a hint of jewel-toned blue, the finished look feels playful, yet edgy,” she says. For subtle visual interest, consider an asymmetric throw pillow with a single printed bolster pillow on one side; place two square pillows on the other. Stick to a cool, minimalist color palette, which will reign in the look and keep the couch feeling simple and clean, Goerzen says.

Pick a size that best serves your plans for your sofa—entertaining, relaxing, reading, whatever. Seats should be comfortable for all members of your family, and you should get a couch large enough to seat everyone in your household. Consider a larger sofa or pair your couch with easy chairs or additional seating if you entertain often. The golden rule with room proportionality is the couch should be about 2/3 the size of the wall it’s going to be against. It shouldn’t fill the whole wall, and it should have space on each side. While couches can last years, they also suffer a lot of wear and tear over time—particularly in households with children or pets. Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to revive an aging couch.

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Selecting your upholstery is just as important as the construction and cushion type! Whether you go for a neutral, a pattern, or a bold color, your choice of fabric will have a huge impact on the room, so be sure to choose carefully to ensure it fits with your style! It’s particularly important in a busy family home or in a home with pets to opt for a performance fabric that’s easy to spot clean, such as leather upholstery. In this case, a slipcovered sofa is also a great option as the cover can be removed for cleaning, and some covers are washable too. All of our cushion covers are removable and can either be washed at home or sent to dry cleaning. Be sure to pay close attention to your sofa’s cleaning instructions, because how to clean a velvet couch will differ from how to clean a leather couch.

In addition to courses in product engineering and facilities design, they sponsor field trips to local factories and workshops in industry-specific computer applications. On the other hand, if you plan to have other seating in the room, you may need to ask yourself if a sectional is really necessary. “When you decide to purchase some living or great room furniture be wise and choose leather, for durability, clean ability and comfort. Get yourself some knowledge and know what you are buying. To many people make a quick decision on furniture without knowing any facts and end up replacing their furniture because of a bad decision ” Winkler concludes. This type of spring system is generally less expensive and labor intensive. It allows for a single cone shaped spring for support but does not provide as much “sit in” travel for comfort as a true 8-way hand tied system.

Step 12: Tufting

Once again, I can remove the couch cushion covers to throw in the washing machine, but the base cover is much harder to remove. The Little Green Pro is $150, so it’s not exactly cheap. HOWEVER, this baby is an investment if you have furniture that frequently needs spot treatment for stains. It is Bissell’s most powerful portable cleaner, and honestly, I believe worth every penny to clean a fabric couch / chair.

Prolong the Lifespan of Your Leather Couch

One of the best ways to make your move easier is by taking apart your furniture before you start loading up the truck or moving van. This post from our blog provides expert tips on how to take apart a sofa for moving, as well as other household items that are large and difficult to transport. For larger sectionals, Goerzen recommends two larger pillows (around 24 inches on the longest side) on each end and a series of pillows of all different sizes in the middle corner seat. Firstly, I’ve had these sofas for 3 years without any stains. However, earlier in the week, before the Ultra Guard service visit, my cleaners came. I asked them to give the upholstery a quick vacuum, and they did. We still had to get out the old hand saw and belt sander to dry fit everything perfectly.

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It isn’t really necessary (or stylistically desired) that EVERY upholstered item be in a performance fabric. I love the openness at the bottom of this style of design. The best piece of advice I would give someone is to take your time with the design and planning stages. Work out your bugs in the beginning because it will save you so much time in the long run. We sanded all the metal down, just to remove any rust spots. After, we wiped it down with paint thinner just to give it a good clean. I should note ours is fine to cut up to ¼” metal but not all miter saws can do this.

Some have built-in coolers and plugs for charging devices. Knowing what you would most enjoy can help you sift through the array of features out there.

I love to style the sofas and chairs with the pillows, but sitting with them (which we do daily) is a pain. So, do I just throw the 5-8 pillows on the floor when we are using the sofas? I have always followed the theory that beauty follows form and function. Some couches will have seats—usually at either end of the sofa—with built-in recliners. These styles offer the same comfort and mechanism as reclining chairs but with the width of a sofa. Designed for people who like to kick up their heels at the end of the day, recliners save you the space of having an ottoman. Reclining sofas are also perfect for homes with a home movie theater or for people who have circulation problems, benefiting from resting with their legs up.

How to Choose a Sofa

Regular vacuuming will prevent dust buildup and help you keep your couch clean. You might think you need to result to drastic measures such as steam cleaning or other deep cleaning methods, but that is not always the case. Depending on the type of fabric, a little preventative maintenance on your furniture cushions can go a long way. Using the tips we provided should help you clean your couch and cushions successfully. But keeping your couch and cushions clean, especially if you have pets and children, can be a full-time job. And with all the other things you have to do, you may need a little help.

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For an easy-to-clean design, look for one with slipcovers that can be tossed in the washing machine. Nothing is more classic than a Chesterfield, and we can confidently say this shape will never go out of style. It feels slightly more refined and formal, with its rolled arms and tufted back, but it still works in a comfortable living room. A leather fabric instantly lends library vibes, but there are so many fabric options these days that you can really make it your own. Buying a new couch always feels a little daunting—they’re typically investment pieces and can change the entire look and feel of a room—so no pressure!

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It can be used for so many cleaning applications including spot-treating stains on leather. Leather, like our skin, can age and become weak and damaged if we don’t care for it properly.

For the style we were striving for, we wanted our welds to be flat. As you can tell by the photos, we do not have a proper shop setup. The ground isn’t 100% level, and we don’t have professional tools. We did our best with what we had to keep the frame square with magnetic welding clamps. As you can tell by the video, we’re definitely not experts in the software. That being said, it really helped us visualize what we were building ahead of time, and the software comes with a bunch of useful tutorials to help you get started. It was a lot less expensive to do it this way than to go to the big box stores.

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By sitting on it and examining the depth and height, you can gauge the lumbar support and comfort of the seat cushions. For optimum support, choose sinuous or eight-way hand-tied springs.